About the project ‘SALAM’

‘SALAM’ is an Arabic greeting and stands within the framework of our project for Sexuality, Acceptance, Love, Otherness (Anderssein) and Migration.

AIDS–Hilfe Baden-Württemberg e.V. has developed a training programme in order to qualify new ‘peers’ for prevention work in communities. People with migration experience and an interest in working with us are welcome to attend the programme. (see ‘how to become a peer’)

The qualified and practically-orientated course will be hold by experienced trainers.

As a ‘peer’ you will be able to carry out prevention work on behalf of a local ‘Aidshilfe’ for example in communal accommodations for refugees, in housing groups for unaccompanied minor refugees, in preparatory classes at schools and in other places where migrant communities meet.

The whole training course will last about three months. During this time, the peers will be connected to their local ‘Aidshilfe’ and will gain initial experience in working in this field.

After successfully completing the training, each attendee will get a certificate of participation and will be able to start working as a ‘peer’.

We intend to intensify and develop HIV/STI prevention for and with migrants in Baden-Württemberg. The project ‘SALAM’ enables each local ‘Aidshilfe’ to employ qualified people with migration background on a long-term basis for community-based prevention work. Due to the collaboration with peers, the subject ‘sexual health’ can be imparted in a culture-sensitive approach without any language and cultural barriers.


The project is supported by: